What will we do with your information?

All of your personal information and what you say is completely confidential. This is because your name and contact details are not attached to the responses you provide. When we write about the results we always talk about how people generally responded (for example, that your English skills are improving), as we have done in this newsletter.

It is really important to hear about your experiences coming to and living in Australia. The BNLA study team will continue to look for opportunities to talk with others about this. We are very proud to be involved in such an important project that will help to improve programs and services for humanitarian migrants. Hearing about your experiences is very important, so that we can identify the challenges humanitarian migrants may experience in Australia.

Next time

The next interview is nearly here! Last year we spoke with you over the telephone. Many of you told us that you prefer to speak with us in person. This year we will be coming back to your homes. Our interviewers are looking forward to seeing you again. The interview will take about 60 minutes for those completing the longer interview and about 30 minutes for others. To thank you for your time you will be given a gift card.

What will we speak with you about?

We will be talking with you about similar things as in previous interviews, such as housing, English language classes, looking for a job, your neighbourhood, and how you feel about your life here in Australia. Many of you have told us that finding a job is one of your main concerns, so we will be asking more questions about this in the next interview.

Our interviewers will call you to arrange a time to talk with you. They will give you more information about this when they call you. We are looking forward to speaking with you again and seeing how you are going.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.